“Introducing the new ESIP smartphone app” ICUC February 2016 Journal

Have you ever been out and about in a new location and wondered what groups might be monitoring the environment near you? ESIP’s new smartphone app – the ICUC app (“I See You See”) helps you find the answer to that question while also using your mobile device to collect information of use to the environmental scientists in charge of managing the Gulf of Maine and watershed. The app (available from the Google Play and iTunes stores) uses your location to inform you about monitoring programs in your vicinity. In addition, you can use your phone to upload images into photo libraries or to introduce others to locations you feel are important. Once you have logged in the app (Figure 1) will pull up a map of your location with layers available to look at monitoring sites or interact with photo collection sites (Figure 2).

You can also use your phone to collect an image using the blue brackets at select sites (2 in Massachusetts, 2 in New Hampshire, 4 in Maine, 2 in New Brunswick, and 2 in Nova Scotia) to help build a photo library (Figure 3 shows a site in Maine). Each time you revisit the site and snap a picture the photo library grows! If you have another site you want others to discover you can take a picture there and share what is important about the site to you.

So download the app and get out there!


Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3